This short comedy (and we mean short) comes in at under 3 minutes. Showing off their comedic stylings are real-life married couple Jessica Arinella and Matt Rashid.


Check out this incredible review of our short ditty, Kung Pow Wow, from Berkshire Living magazine, 5/13/09:

"The only thing wrong with Kung Pow Wow, a short film that will be screened this weekend at the Berkshire International Film Festival (BIFF) at the Triplex Cinema in Great Barrington, Mass., is that it's only two minutes long. Then again, that's part of the film's genius. In just two short minutes, the filmmakers and actors give us essentially the entire lowdown on a relationship. In this case, the simple act of ordering Chinese takeout -- one of the most romantic cliches in film and in real life -- turns into a horror threatening the very foundations of what seemed like a perfectly fine relationship. How the filmmakers achieve this effect I won't say -- I will leave that to the joy of discovery -- but it's enough to say that it is through inventiveness and a willingness to disorient a viewer in the service of achieving the remarkable effect.

"If this is a hint of what's in store this weekend from BIFF, it's going to be a great festival."


Dating is difficult, especially when you order in. Kung Pow Wow is comedic tale about an argument between a couple when the boyfriend isn't sensitive to the needs of his girlfriend's taste buds.


Jessica Arinella
Matt Rashid


Produced by...Alicia Arinella and Julie Tortorici
Directed by...Diana Whitten
Written by... Phil Kain
Edited by...Alicia Arinella


NYC Downtown Film Festival (2009)
Berkshires Film Festival (2009)
The Chicago International Reel Shorts Film Festival (2009)
The New Hampshire Film Festival (2009)
Tallgrass Film Festival (2009)
Los Angeles Comedy Festival (2009)
Method Festival (2010, Los Angeles)