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Written by writer/director Jeff Lycett, Denim is a short comedy that screened at 9 film festivals nationwide.


Jeff Lycett is a Michigan born filmmaker, living in New York City. He has written six screenplays, including the award winning Planet 7. His directorial debut, Denim, explores the humors and indignities of the modern dating scene. Jeff is inspired by and implements the cinematic comic timing he learned while working for Woody Allen. Lycett is the co-creator and writer/director of the web comedy, The Sexually.



Denim is the hilarious story of a date gone wrong, as discussed in a pub by drinking buddies Jim (PJ DeBoy) and Phil (Rob Devaney). In a series of flashbacks, Jim finds himself in over his head while on a date with the "soap opera hot" Alice (Sarah Ireland). In order to stay afloat, Jim exploits the one common link between them, Bruce Springsteen. His plan works, but he has no idea the price he'll have to pay!

The film includes an amazing cast: PJ DeBoy from John Cameron Mitchell’s Shortbus, Rob Devaney, who appeared in the Broadway production of Spring Awakening and most recently starred in the film Redacted, and Sarah Ireland, who has appeared on such shows as The Sopranos and Law & Order: Criminal Intent.


PJ DeBoy
Rob Devaney
Sarah Ireland


Produced by: Alicia Arinella, Julie Tortorici and Jeff Lycett
Written and Directed by: Jeff Lycett
Director of Photography: Ben Jurin
Production Design by: Diana Whitten
Grip: Mason Lebeau
Editor: Alicia Arinella
Production Sound Mixer: Dave Groman and Anthony Viera 
Music by: The Hold Steady


Denim has been screened at the following film festivals:

The Durango Independent Film Festival
(March 2009)
The Miami Short Film Festival (November 17-23, 2009)
The Gotham Screen Film Festival
Berkshire International Film Festival  (May 15-18, 2008)
The New Jersey International Film Festival (June 14, 2008) 
LA Shortfest (2008) 
The SoCal Independent Film Festival 
The Coney Island Film Festival
The Williamstown Film Festival 
The 2010 Method Film Fest
Delray Beach Film Festival (2010)