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Life. You just don't know what's going to happen. 

For Belly is the story of three women on the brink of transformation. At the center is Frannie, an obsessive-compulsive recluse whose every moment is scheduled. Each day, for the last three years, she is visited by her friend, Donna. But this afternoon everything will change. This afternoon, Donna arrives with a stranger, Lucy, forcing Frannie into the role of hostess. As the day progresses, Donna must reveal to Frannie that this marks her last visit, and that Lucy will be her replacement. Worried that the news will send Frannie further over the edge, Donna waits to announce her departure, only to discover that Frannie too has a revelation of her own.

In one afternoon, these women must deal with questions of friendship, loyalty, love and how heartbreak can alter your life forever. Sometimes funny, sometimes heartbreaking, For Bellyexplores how sometimes it's the people we know the least that are the ones who give us the strength to change our life.

Belly's Background

For Belly is a feature-length screenplay that was adapted from Julie Tortorici's one-woman show, Belly. Moving from a one character piece to a story about three women, For Belly is at times, poignant, sometimes sad and other times silly and fun. Co-directors, Alicia Arinella (who directed the one-woman show) and Matthew G. Rashid teamed up with the incredibly talented Director of Photography, John Kelleran.