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Soap Scum screened at the 2005 Bare Bones Film Festival, where it was selected for an audience favorite second screening.



Soap Scum is a film shot on Digital Video that teams up writer Mark Ennis and director Michael Jon Hull. Soap Scum encounters a bodega owner and his relationship with his frequent customers. Soap Scum is a film about retribution and revenge.


Pedro: Thom Rivera 
Jose: Alex Romero
John: Matthew G. Rashid 
Girl in Shop: Alicia Arinella 


Writer: Mark Ennis 
Director/Editor: Michael Jon Hull 
Producers: Alicia Arinella and Tyler Debbs 
Associate Producer: Mark Ennis 
Director of Photography: W. Axel Foley 
Production Designer: Diana Whitten 
Music Composed by: Aaron J. Fili 
Sound Mixer: Peter Michael Garcia 
Key Grip: Adrienne Franciscus 

ALICIA ARINELLA, PRODUCER OF SOAP SCUM: Mark Ennis’s dark and urban story is one of my favorites. I love the idea of being a fly on the wall while you watch the repetition of common activities that occur throughout a single day and how, the longer you stay and watch, the small space becomes a world all its own. The added moral twist, I felt, added to how this man’s world was as small as his store and the consequences beyond that were never considered. Soap Scum was a vital experience for me and for the company to work with a very low budget but still produce a quality film.


Timeline: 2003: Soap Scum was show in New Jersey 2004: Post-production commenced. 2005: Soap Scum enters the festival circuit and plays at the Bare Bones Film Festival.