Film | Table for Three


Table for Three is a 10 minute short that was shot in NYC in the winter of 2004.

Table for Three premiered at the 2006 Long Island Film Festival.


Recently engaged, Misty and Danny are looking to buy a table or their apartment. Ellen is looking to sell one. What unfolds is a story about relationships and the emotions unleashed when people are forced to let go. Directed by Alicia Arinella and written by Julie Tortorici, Table or Three is a short film shot on DV.


Misty: Julie Tortorici 
Danny: Matthew G. Rashid 
Ellen: Katherine Williams


Writer: Julie Tortorici 
Director/Cinematographer/Editor: Alicia Arinella 
Producers: Alicia Arinella & Tyler Debbs 
Executive Producer: Catherine Arinella 
Attornies: Leonard Wagman and Lawrence Kotik 
Production Designer: Diana Whitten
Costume Designer: Jessica Jahn 
Additional Photography by: Michael Jon Hull 
Key Grip: Grey Segal 
Sound Mixer: Peter Michael Garcia 
Boom Operator: Colleen Slattery
Script Supervisor: Reva Goldberg 

FROM ALICIA ARINELLA, PRODUCER AND DIRECTOR OF TABLE FOR THREE: Table for Three first passed my desk in 2003. I met with Julie Tortorici because she had written a feature-length script entitled Waltzing Emily. She met with me as a producer to get advice on how to start the whole process. Julie had no film experience at the time, so I suggested that she film a scene from Emily or a short film before setting out to conquer a feature. Within two weeks we met again. She had completed the short film script Table for Three. With equipment, actors and locations in place, all Julie needed was a director. I was drawn to the script and the idea of working with Julie on a project, so I offered my services. I had never directed a film before; all of my film experience had been in producing. Table for Three marked a creative genesis for all those involved. We all learned through collaborating with each other. Due to lighting conditions, Table for Three required re-shoots. We also decided to recast our male actor because of lack of chemistry between him and the lead character, played by Julie. I decided to take over the camera work during the re-shoots, and Table for Three became a two-person show. Julie and I shouldered the filmmaking from start to finish.

The story of Table for Three follows recently engaged, Misty and Danny. They are looking to buy a table for their apartment. Ellen is looking to sell one. With the table as centerpiece and catalyst, the three meet and a simple transaction becomes complicated, as secret pasts are reveiled, blind assumptions are challenged, and buried emotions are unleashed.