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Trevor's Big Break is a silent comedy about a down-and-out mascot trying to make his way in the entertainment world. Written by: Melissa Jernigan


Trevor's Big Break is just about out of post-production. Our editor, Alicia Arinella is lightening fast and we're well on our way to the finished product. The shoot went amazingly well and was shot in one day! We want to thank the cast and crew for all of their hard work and focus. Our star, Greg Gallagher, was a trooper - spending six hours in the chicken costume. It was very warm in the costume and Greg was also basically rendered blind once the head was on. He had no complaints though and managed to be hilarious on each take!This very short film will be seen at The Off-Centered Film Festival in Austin, TX. This festival celebrates films and commercials made by fans of the beer, Dogfish Head. If you in Austin, TX on April 3 and/or 4th, be sure to check it out! For more information, click here.


Trevor: Greg Gallagher
Talent Agent: Jessica Arinella
Casting Director 1: Matt Rashid
Casting Director 2: Julie Tortorici
Fashion Shoot Photographer: Alicia Arinella
Headshot Photographer: Julie Tortorici
Photographer's Assistant: Melissa Jernigan


Executive Producer: Melissa Jernigan
Producers: Melissa Jernigan, Julie Tortorici, Alicia Arinella
Director: Melissa Jernigan
Written by: Melissa Jernigan
Director of Photography: Alicia Arinella
Editor: Alicia Arinella