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Where is it now?

What Are the Odds? is now available through Amazon. Want to own this adorable short film? Click HERE!

What Are the Odds? screened at the following film festivals:

2006 The Durango Independent Film Festival

2006 The Sarasota Film Festival

2006 The Foursite Film Festival

2006 The San Francisco Independent Film Festival

2006 The Palm Beach International Film Festival

2006 The Cannes Film Festival (Short Film Corner)

2006 DEKK’s Superfilm Series NYC 

2006 West Chester Film Festival

2006 Tall Grass Film Festival

2006 NewFilmmakers Series

2006 Broken Lamp Film Festival

2007 Delray Beach Film Festival

2007 FYLMZ Film Festival

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A 16mm short film shot entirely in Manhattan, in November 2002, What are the Odds? is a story about two mathematicians who come to NYC for a conference and keep bumping into each other. Through math, they determine it must be fate, but is it? Written by Justin Spitzer (The Office) and directed by Matthew Tritt, What are the Odds? is a story about NYC, fate, love and math.

What Are The Odds? is one of the best shorts I have ever seen. It is classy and has that Ole New York feel to it. But what I liked best is that it has the feeling of watching a Broadway play. Kudos also to your graphics people for the credits and the score. The clarinet is a great touch.” – Brian Content of The Screening Room

What Are The Odds? on Tampa Bay Media Talk (video).


Jill: Jessica Arinella 
Paul: Christopher Borg 
Hot Dog Vendor: Billy Strong 
Magician: Ashley Springer 
MILF: Rebecca Sheir 
Couple on the Bench: Mattehw Tritt and Alicia Arinella 
Paul’s Painter: Louise Rozett 
Jill’s Painter: Desmond Dutcher 
Pizza Shop Worker: Ron Pritchard 
Pizza Maker: Caleb Smith 

Extras: Alicia Arinella, Jason Boshart, Tyler Debbs, Adrienne Franciscus, Michael Jon Hull, Jessica Jahn, Erin Matz, Nate Morse, Ron Pritchard, Rebecca Sheir, Caleb Smith, Diana Whitten


Writer: Justin Spitzer 
Director: Matthew Tritt 
Producer: Alicia Arinella 
Executive Producer: Catherine Arinella 
Line Producer: Tyler Debbs 
Director of Photography: John Kelleran 
Production Designer: Diana Whitten 
Animation by Asterisk 
Composer: Patrick Zimmerli 
Editor: Fanny Lee 
Costume Designer: Jessica Jahn 
Sound Mixer: Peter Michael Garcia 
Gaffer: Caleb Smith 
Assistant Director: Ron Pritchard 
Assistant Camera: Elaine Lincourt 
Hair and Make Up: Julia Lallas 
Art Department Coordinator: Adrienne Franciscus 
Best Boy: Jason Boshart 
Boom Operator: Michael John Hull 
Prop Designer: Julie Fabricant 
Producer’s Assistant: Rebecca Sheir 
Publicity: Springer Associates PR 
Attornies: Larry Kotik and Leonard Wagman 
Accountant: Bernie Cohen