Theater | Sin


Sin: A New-Fashioned Review of Legendary Vice was presented at the Sanford Meisner Theater in late March 2005. It was a complilation of short plays about the 7 deadly sins as interpreted by 8 up-and-coming writers in NYC.

Directed by: Dan Fields and John Ruocco 

Produced by: Alicia Arinella 

Production Design by: Diana Whitten 

Lighting Design by: Chris Conti, Chris Reising 

Costume Design by: Jessica Jahn



Come one come all, for a unique look into the darkest parts of yourselves. Join us for a smart review of fun, scandal, and deviance. An evening of eight short plays will highlight the deadliest of our hidden vices. Don’t miss out! Sin – it’s where New Yorkers go after dark.

Featured Works

The Company Kept 

Written by Daria Polatin 
Directed by Dan Fields 
With Matthew G. Rashid, Jeff Biehl*, and Lia Aprile* 

The Blasphemy Tree 

Written by: TC Higgins 
Directed by: John Ruocco 
With: Randy Redd* & Peter Michael Marino* 


Written by: Hettienne Park 
Directed by: John Ruocco 
With: SuEllen Estey* & Mikki Jordan 

Removing the Head 

Written by: Josh Ben Friedman 
Directed by: Dan Fields 
With: Rob Devaney* & Greg Derelian* 

Danny's Line 

Written by: James Scruggs 
Directed by: John Ruocco 
With: Jeffery Thompson* 


Written by: Damion Luaiye 
Directed by: Dan Fields 
With: Katie Barrett*, Deepa Purohit*, Nate Clifford and Jon Eckland* 

Good Help 

Written by: Ellen Shanman 
Directed by: Dan Fields 
With: Jessica Arinella*, Matthew G. Rashid and Philip Kain 

Clowns: Camille Kitchen, Sarah Delgado and Joffre Myers 
MC: Eric Walton 

*This is an Actors Equity Approved Showcase