Theater | Teen Movie High


In the Fall and Summer 2004, On the Leesh Productions produced Karen Herr’s hit improv show.


Footloose! Breakfast Club! Say Anything! Teen Movie High! Following in the path of the great teen comedies, Teen Movie High - with suggestions from the audience, improvise a completely original teen genre plot each performance! Escape to a world where the nerd gets the girl, the jocks get their comeuppance, and friendships last forever. If pain is comedy then high school was hilarious.


Teen Movie High presents the newest alternative to therapy: "If you find yourself in need of a breakthrough, forget Freud and see Teen Movie High! It will give you the feeling that life is just not as predictable as you thought!” (, Karen Hartline).

On the Leesh Productions presents Teen Movie High, directed by Karen Herr a the Tank Theater. Take a concept or idea, throw in a halloween twist and create a play. In this improvisational tale, a high school female nerd is given a second hand, stick shift automobile as a gift from her mother. Little does anyone detect, the car is possessed and wreaks havoc on the student body. No one can escape the wrath of "Carly"...The seven member cast brilliantly display physical technique and verbal agility in this hilarious, impromptu production. I must mention the entire cast, who are equally adept at improv: Becky Flaum, Johanna Buccola, Amanda Somers, Adam Bloom, Joe DeFeo, Mark Lampert, and Liz Eckert. A well written comedy usually supplies its own laughs, but a true challenge is to be comedic with a script that you are writing in your head as you speak. And On the Leesh surpasses all expectations." (Andrew Gilchrist, Hi Drama)