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So You Want To Get A Dog

In this episode, Sam talks about what questions a person should ask themselves before getting a new puppy or adult dog. Should you adopt? Go to a breeder? What lifestyle questions should you ask yourself before adding a dog to your family? Watch this episode and find out!

The Perfect Stay

How in the world do you get your dog to stay in one place? This is an issue all dog owners have had at one time or another. In this episode, Sam goes through her technique step-by-step so that you have the tools to try it at home.

Chewing Behavior in Puppies

You have a new puppy - fantastic! Now what do you do about your new shoes? Watch this episode to gain the skills to train your puppy to only chew "appropriate" items. Let's keep your shoes safe from harm!


We here at On the Leesh are huge dog lovers. Just about everyone on staff has a dog of their own. So, our collaboration with expert dog trainer Sam Schmidt was a no-brainer. Training dogs (and people) since 1985, Sam is a native New Yorker with two beautiful dogs of her own. While Sam's approach is individual so she can ensure she's meeting every dog's needs, she's found that people tend to ask her the same general questions. Because of that, Sam thought podcasts would be the best way to reach the most people at one time.If you're having an issue with your dog that we haven't touched on here, either write us at info@ontheleesh.com or contact Sam directly by visiting samsdogs.com.

Cast and Crew

Host & Dog Expert: Sam Schmidt
Producers: Alicia Arinella & Julie Tortorici
Assistant Producer: Jessica Arinella